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English project days at Sachsenbrunn

At the beginning of October all the four fourth grades had three special English-speaking days with BIKU, a language workshop organisation which sends native speaker trainers to schools to work with the students.

The pupils could choose between different topics which would be discussed during the workshops. There were for example Film, Drama, Sports and Games, Photography and Music. Those issues were the most interesting ones for our students.

During the training and afterwards the pupils stated that they had enjoyed speaking and working in English and that their coaches had been very nice and friendly. Besides they improved their self-confidence in speaking English and performing sketches and presentations.  The students who took part in “Sports and Games” got to know different (American and English) kinds of sports and the groups “Film” watched and discussed a very heart-moving film called “Eddie, the Eagle”. But grammar and vocabulary were part of the training sessions too and after those three days all the pupils agreed that their English skills had improved a lot during the workshops. At the end of the BIKU-days every student received a certificate which showed the successful participation of every pupil.

In conclusion the pupils stated that they would like to do such a workshop again – any time and the longer the better…

Emma Schenker, Lena Schlitz (Pupils of the 4a)
Sarah Kürner, Nadin Nagy, Hannah Schabus (Pupils of the 4b)
Mag. Rosemarie Pfeffer

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