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From 4th  to 6th October 2021 our BIKU days took place. It was a fantastic language workshop with native speaker trainers at our school.

Ray, our coach and favourite teacher, is a native speaker, which means, he doesn´t speak German, but it was not too difficult to understand him.

On the first day we did some grammar and vocabulary worksheets and we all had a lot of fun. Our favourite activity on that day was that we had to design our own festival on a big sign.

On Tuesday we played some very cool indoor English games, e.g. twenty-one, Simon says and other nice games. We also went outside where Ray explained how to play American football. And our class liked that game very much and was really happy about it. In addition, we drew a poster about your favourite song.

Finally, on the last day we watched a Disney movie called What If about Marvel. Another great day! But we liked best that Ray gave us his Instagram account where he posted a nice picture of us. In the end our class was sad, because the Biku days were over, but we really enjoyed speaking and working in English. Thank you for the certificate and the really cool time, Ray! 😊

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