BIKU DAYS of the classes 4ag, 4bg, 4cr, 4dr, October 2023

What are BIKU Days?

It is a great English project for the 4th grades of Sachsenbrunn to improve the pronunciation, the grammar and the vocabulary of all the students. A very important point is also having fun during the learning process.  We had an English native speaker from Monday to Wednesday with us. From the first until the sixth period Christopher Crunden, our trainer, taught us to listen, learn and after that have fun. We also had to choose a topic like drama or sports and games.

Our Trainer:

As already mentioned, our trainer was named Christopher Crunden and there was a second native speaker in our school named Jeff, he was the trainer from the 4AG. In the first and the second lesson Christopher taught us some grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. In the third lesson Jeff switched with Christopher and talked with us. He really kept his focus on teaching us to speak to him without any fears and he also played some games with us. The two trainers switched back after the lesson was over and then Christopher played with us games like “Who am I, what am I?” or “The ABC game”. We had a great time all the time. Because we chose the sports and games programme, we went to the gym in the fifth lesson to play rugby, Völkerball and stuff like that. At the end of the day, we did the worksheets where we practiced especially our vocabulary.

All in all, it was a great experience for the students, we had a really great time, and we already miss our trainer Christopher because he was a cool guy. We would highly recommend BIKU for the next fourth graders too.

Mirjam Burgstaller, Lina List, 4bg

Antonela Urbina Alonso: “It was very funny and a good way to improve your English”

Katharina Ravas: “I liked it very much and I think my spelling got way better”

Marlene Löwenpapst:“Our trainer Christopher was a great trainer and I think he could have been here longer”

Johannes Schwarz: “I was very grateful that my parents paid the course so that I had a nice time!”