Cambridge language certificate

Two years ago, we decided for ourselves that we want to test our English skills. We decided to participate in the Cambridge language certificate. In our sixth year, the twelve of us took extra lessons every Wednesday to prepare for the exam. In the beginning of the year, we took an online test to determine our English levels, so that we could take the exam according to our skills. Part of the evaluation process was a phone call with a native speaker of the institute. After we got the results, we received a textbook corresponding to our abilities. On June 24th the day had arrived which we had trained for the entire year. The exam took place in Vienna and was split into five sectors. It lasted the whole day, but we had time in between to go eat something and stroll around the city. Our results came back two weeks later with, three of us achieving B2, six C1 and three of us C2. The experiences we got, and our certificates are very valuable for all of us and I would encourage everyone to try it out too.

Sophie Kuntner, 7bn